A b o u t M e


My name is Amelia Romulo. I am currently based in San Diego, California. I specialized in editorial and portraiture. My creative journey began with film making and graphic design. It wasn't until 2 years ago that I found my true passion for photography. I fell in love with the entire process of capturing a still image and being able to convey a story with it. My goal, as a creative, is to empower women through the creative process and make them feel confident.

Some things I love are . . . J E S U S , donuts, pizza, my bearded dragon, traveling, friendly people and the color pink (:



Early November 2018, I had the privilege of being interviewed by SDVoyagermag. I opened up about my journey coming to the United States and how much that had an impact on me becoming a photographer. I also talked about the struggle of being a young female photographer in an industry saturated by men.

“God gave me a vision and with that vision came a promise…”

Click below to read my full interview w/ @SDVOYAGERMAG!

We are raising mental health awareness with creatives around the globe.

“You cannot control what you feel but you can control what you do in life”

- Allen&Houston Magazine